About us

Well here is a little something about Avant, the Designer, Curator, and Entrepreneur of Da-Sebra Vintage.

I learned how to make a pattern out of newspaper in my early adolescence (thanks Mom). Played dress up in my Aunt Chris’s clothes in the 60’s (which were her clothes) in her 40’s & 50’s attire. This is where my love for vintage started.

In my Adulthood, I was introduced to a Master Pattern Maker by the name of Don Miquel, who was a designer in his own right. He designed garments for several celebrities including, Rita Hayworth, Carol Channing and Lauren Bacall. The stories that he would share, along with fabulous photographs was truly amazing! From this experience is where I learned the business of Couture. The rest of that story is another story!

During the 80’s, I made it to the final selection for my couture designs to be reviewed for a highly watched television show called Dynasty. Although I wasn’t selected, I was extremely elated to have had that experience. Over the years I’ve had the pleasure to do many fashion shows and have sold my designs to boutique and specialty stores.

With my next chapter, I’ve taken my passion and turned it into the love of my life!! I’ve launched a thrift store for trunk-attic seeking shopaholics, and I’m not ashamed. Via la` Vintage!