Vintage 1940’s White Ermine Fur Coat”, Christmas White Fur, Ermine Fur, Fur Coat 1940’s Style



Vintage 1940’s White Ermine Fur Coat. The previous owner maintained and cared for, as it  has held together quite well. I don’t have any information on the coats owner!  There are no labels, tags or sizing attached to coat. I purchased from an estate sale and no one had any information other than it was from the 40’s

The coat is of Ermine fur and is lined in a Tan Satin. Coat has 2 front buttons, one at neckline (which looks like a macrame covered button) and the other is a larger ermine fur button  at waist line. No outside pockets, but has one pocket inside left side. The fur is still plush and soft. The pelts are still strong. Below I  have mentioned two (2)  flaws very minor, so please read!

Flaws 2: There is a extremely small area inside (at right shoulder) which had some shredding to lining but is has been glued, and I’m taking that it was done professionally!  The other is a very, very small stain to lining. Both in my opinion do not take anything away from the overall beauty of the coat. For 79 years young,  it’s still extremely beautiful. If you would like additional pictures I would be more than happy to provide.  I rate– Very Good Vintage.

History of Ermine Fur: The name Ermine is used for any species on the genus Mustela, especially the stoat, in its pure white winter coat. The white winter ermine is the favored fur, not its summer chestnut colored coat. White Ermine with its trademark black  tail-tip became so entrenched with aristocratic fashion from the medieval period on towards that it even found a place in the heraldry (which is a broad term encompassing the design, display and study of armorial). Ermine fur was used in the 15th century by Catholic monarchs who sometimes used it as the mozzetta cape. Originally from Eurasia, it crossed into North America some 500.00 years ago.

Research history by: Da-Sebra Vintage

Actual Measurements:  Bust 38.4″, Waist 38″, Hips 49″, Shoulder to Shoulder 21.2″, Sleeve length 20.2″ and Shoulder to hemline 41″.

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