Vintage 1950’s Vogue Dome Shape Cabochon Brooch — The Orange and  white swirl Cabochon with multi color crystals in vibrant Orange, Baby blue, Yellow and Deep Red. The brooch is signed “Vogue JLRY”. Brooch measurements are:  Height 1 3/4″, Width 1.5″, Circumference 5″. No crack or missing crystals. Mint Condition.

History of Vogue Jewelry: Vogue vintage costume jewelry 1936-1973.
The company was founded in New York City, as Park Importing Company began producing costume jewelry under the “Vogue” label in 1936. The founders and the main designers were Harold Shapiro and his partners Jack Gilbert and George Grant. In the beginning  the company specialized in manufacturing faux pearl jewelry and beads.
The company was innovated with design and produced very high quality jewelry. This explains the popularity and demand for Vogue decorations among costume jewelry lovers. Some say the company closing date is 1973 but, some advertising in magazines show as late as 1977. So the exact end date of manufacturing is not clear.

The pieces with the marking of “Vogue JLRY” are highly sought after by  collector’s.

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