Step into the iconic style of the 1960’s with this captivating multi-color maxi dress from Rhapsody by Glazier. A true masterpiece of its time, this sleeveless abstract dress features a vibrant array of colors including orange, white, olive green, lime green, red, and purple. The ruffle front neckline gracefully flows into a V-back design with a pleated back drape, adorned with a 15″ metal zipper.


Labeled under Glazier’s triumphant reign in Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles, this dress is a testament to an era of creativity and bold fashion statements. Crafted with care, this dress is thought to be polished cotton, exuding a timeless charm that has only grown more remarkable with time. Though size remains unlabeled, its generous measurements suggest a fit for a Large. One careful owner has preserved its excellence, presenting it in impeccable vintage condition.


Measurements (lying flat; please double, Bust, Waist, Hips):

  • Bust: 19″
  • Waist: 18″
  • Hips: 20″
  • Shoulder to Shoulder: 15″
  • Shoulder to Hemline: 54″


History of Glazier: Robert E. Glazier, a visionary in the apparel industry, left an indelible mark through his family’s apparel business. His Glazier Corp. not only supplied leisure wear and sleepwear to major Chicago area retailers but also spearheaded the renowned Rhapsody Fashion clothing line. As president of the company from 1948 to 1988, Glazier’s influence resonated widely. Even after his apparel venture concluded, Glazier embarked on a new journey in real estate, achieving remarkable success and development under the same family name. His legacy lives on through Glazier Corp.’s enduring impact on the Chicago landscape.


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