Sexy and Chic! What more can you ask for. Absolutely gorgeous and never been worn.  So find that incredible set of  lingerie or not, or that pair of funky jeans and go for it. Size 10 but I wear a 9 1/2 and they fit me perfect. Heel height 3 1/2″.

History: Frederick’s of Hollywood,  is named for its founder and longtime president Frederick Mellinger, who conceived of his lingerie business while serving in the armed forces during World War ll. In 1946, after his discharge, Mellinger established a mail-order undergarment operation in New York City. Known as Frederick’s of Fifth Avenue, his shop offered racy black bras and panties embellished with lace and appliques.  Mellinger took his fancy foundations to more permissive California in 1947, changing the name of the catalog business to Frederick’s of Hollywood that same year. Tinseltown glitz and glamour provided the perfect backdrop for the groundbreaking retailer and a parade of starlets and models provided a ready customer base. Mr. Mellinger designed and began selling the first push-up bra, dubbed the “Rising Star”, in 1948, Fanny pads, girdles, sky-high heeled shoes, hosiery, wigs, false eyelashes. They were force to file Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2003. But, their back and Frederick’s has re-positioned its product line to appeal to younger women by returning to a racier image but not to the raunchy image on which the company made its reputation.

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