Colorful, Vintage Y2K Emilio Pucci Black Suede sling back. With a “Cage” multi-color Pucci pattern trim, round toe, kitten stiletto heels. Shoe size 37.5. Arrives with COA.

The inside of the shoe at base (arch)  has a stitch insole cushion.  The left strap of shoe, the black has bleed onto the strap (inside) see picture #5, very minor and doesn’t distract from the shoe. In my opinion, I believe that, the suede may have been retouched. The overall appearance of shoes are Very Good Vintage.

Measurement of Shoe; Length= 9 1/2″,  Arch Length 6 1/2″, Width (ball of shoe) 3 1/16″, Heel height 3″.

How I  measured the shoes:

How to;  1. Measure the inside of shoe from toe area to the heel of shoe. As your measuring, when you get to the arch of shoe, gently press down the tape measure and continue to the heel of shoe= Length.  2. Measure from heel to ball of foot = Arch Length. 3. Measured the outside of shoe ball, across widest part of shoe = width.  4. Measure Heel height: Measure from top seam of heel to the end of heel (not including the heel cap)= Heel height.

History of Emilio Pucci, marquis di Barsento (born Nov 20,1914, Naples Italy – died Nov. 29, 1992) Known for its vibrant, brilliant, and vividly, coloured prints. Was a famous Italian fashion designer, with a deep passion for sports, he skied, swam, played tennis raced cars and fenced and if that wasn’t enough, he was a politician, also, held a seat in the Italian Parliament. Mr. Pucci career path his extremely interesting. While on leave from the air force in 1947, a photographer from Harper’s Bazaar notice his original ski outfit and asked him to design women’s ski clothes and the rest is a very rich history.


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